What is R

If you are new to R, an Introduction to R and R for Beginners are good references to start with.

More details on R Language and data access are documented respectively by the R Language Definition and R Data Import/Export.

Other R manuals and many contributed documentations are available at CRAN.

This website also collects links to some free online documents for R.

R Packages

R can be extended easily via packages. There are more than 4700 packages available in the CRAN package repository (as of 26 August 2013).

Especially, package RWeka provides an interface to Weka, enabling to use most Weka functions in R.

CRAN task views provide collections of packages for different tasks. Some task views related to data mining are

Download R

R and its packages are available to download for free at CRAN.

R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

R is widely used in academia and research, as well as industrial applications.

R Documents