Tutorial at Melbourne Data Science Week

This is a tutorial on Machine Learning with R for the Melbourne Data Science Week, Melbourne, 29 May - 2 June 2017.Note: Certificates have been sent out to all attendees of the tutorial. If you have attended but haven't received a certificate, please let me know. Thanks.

Course Title

Machine Learning with R: Association Rules, Text Mining and Social Network Analysis



You will need to bring your own laptop. Please install the required software and R packages and download the datasets, slides and scripts below before coming to the course.

    • Slides

        • R Programming: [PDF]

        • Association Rule Mining with R: [PDF]

        • Text Mining with R: [PDF]

        • Social Network Analysis with R: [PDF]

    • R scripts [ZIP]

Course Outline

This is a course on machine learning with R. It will cover four sessions below. Each session will be of 45 minutes, composed of a 35-minute tutorial and a 10-minute lab.

    • R Programming:

    • basics of R language and programming, parallel computing, and data import and export

    • Association Rule Mining with R:

    • mining and selecting interesting association rules, redundancy removal, and rule visualisation

    • Text Mining with R:

    • text mining, word cloud, topic modelling, and sentiment analysis,

    • Social Network Analysis with R:

    • graph construction, graph query, centrality measures, and graph visualisation


If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact me on yanchang <at> RDataMining.com. Thanks.