Data Mining Applications with R

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Book title: Data Mining Applications with R

Editors: Yanchang Zhao, Yonghua Cen

Publisher: Elsevier

Publish date: December 2013

ISBN: 978-0-12-411511-8

Length: 514 pages

This book presents 15 real-world applications on data mining with R. Each application is presented as one chapter, covering business background and problems, data extraction and exploration, data preprocessing, modeling, model evaluation, findings and model deployment.

R code and data for the book are provided at this page, so that readers can easily learn the techniques by running the code themselves.

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25/6/2015: Contacts of chapter authors are provided. Please contact corresponding authors if any questions on a specific chapter. Thanks.

23 Dec 2013: The book has been released.

3 Dec 2013: Preview the book on Google Books.

22 Nov 2013: R code, data and color figures for the book are provided at

20 Aug 2013: Proof-reading started. Chapter authors are to be contacted by Elsevier for that purpose within two weeks.

25 July 2013: The book is now in the process of copy editing and typesetting. Chapter authors will be contacted by Elsevier in late August for proof-reading.

How to cite the book:

Yanchang Zhao and Yonghua Cen (Eds.). Data Mining Applications with R. ISBN 978-0124115118, December 2013. Academic Press, Elsevier.



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