Resource News

Slides of keynote speeches, tutorials and panelist presentations at IEEE Big Data 2014

  • Keynote speech

      • Never-Ending Language Learning

      • Smart Data - How you and I will exploit Big Data for personalized digital health and many other activities

      • Addressing Human Bottlenecks in Big Data

  • Tutorials

      • Big Data Stream Mining

      • Big ML Software for Modern ML Algorithms

      • Large-scale Heterogeneous Learning in Big Data Analytics

      • Big Data Benchmarking

  • Panel: Big Data Challenges and Opportunities

    • Shiny Cheat Sheet

    • Data Visualization Cheat Sheet

    • Package Development Cheat Sheet

    • Data Wrangling Cheat Sheet

    • R Markdown Cheat Sheet

    • R Markdown Reference Guide

Handling and Processing Strings in R

Recordings of RStudio Webinar Series on Essential Tools for Data Science with R

    • Reproducible Reporting

      • The Next Generation of R Markdown – Jeff Allen

      • Knitr Ninja – Yihui Xie

      • Packrat – A Dependency Management System for R – J.J. Allaire & Kevin Ushey