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Tutorial at Melbourne Data Science Week

This is a tutorial on Machine Learning with R for the Melbourne Data Science Week, Melbourne, 29 May - 2 June 2017.

Course Title

Machine Learning with R: Association Rules, Text Mining and Social Network Analysis



You will need to bring your own laptop. Please install the required software and packages and download the datasets and slides below before you come to the course.

Course Outline

This is a course on machine learning with R. It will cover four sessions below. Each session will be of 45 minutes, composed of a 35-minute tutorial and a 10-minute lab.

  • R Programming:
    basics of R language and programming, parallel computing, and data import and export
  • Association Rule Mining with R:
    mining and selecting interesting association rules, redundancy removal, and rule visualisation
  • Text Mining with R:
    text mining, word cloud, topic modelling, and sentiment analysis,
  • Social Network Analysis with R:
    graph construction, graph query, centrality measures, and graph visualisation