Seminar and Panel Discussion: Career of Data Scientist and Analyst, Canberra, 7 Sept 2017

posted Aug 29, 2017, 8:51 PM by Yanchang Zhao   [ updated Aug 29, 2017, 8:55 PM ]

Topic: Career of Data Scientist and Analyst  
    Dharmendra Sharma, Professor, University of Canberra   
    Zunaeed Kamal, Regional Director, M&T Resources  
    Tilly Tan, Manager, PWC  
Date and Time: 4:30-6:30pm Thursday 7 Sept 2017. Food and drinks will start at 4:30pm and talk will start at 4:50pm.   
Location: 12B02 (Building 12, room B02), University of Canberra  
Map and Parking:   

Acknowledgement: Thanks to UC for providing a venue, and M&T Resources for sponsoring food and drinks. 


This is a seminar and panel discussion on the career of Data Scientist / Analyst. It consists of 

  • 30 minutes talk, composed of a 10 minutes talk by each of three panelists, followed by
  • 50 minutes panel discussions, with three panelists answering questions from audience. 

Three panelists will present and provide their valuable experiences in topics below.

  • Dharmendra Sharma (Professor, UC): what is data science, state of the art and future of data science, data science and business analytics programs at uni, and options for students at UC 
  • Zunaeed Kamal (Regional Director, M&T Resources): job market of data scientist / analyst and its trend, required skillsets for various roles, permanent vs contractor roles, salary and rates, 
  • Tilly Tan (Manager, PWC): experiences of and difference between data scientist and analyst in public sector, private sector and uni; experience, lessons and career development in consulting in the area of data science  


Dharmendra Sharma

Professor Dharmendra Sharma is currently the Chair of University Academic Board and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Canberra (UC).  Prof Sharma's research background is in the Artificial Intelligence areas of Planning, Data Analytics and Knowledge Discovery, Predictive Modeling, Constraint Processing, Fuzzy Reasoning, Brain-Computer Interaction, Hybrid Systems and their applications to health, education, security, digital forensics and sports. He has published over 270 research papers and has supervised to completion over 30 higher degrees research students. He is a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society, a Fellow of the South Pacific Computer Society, and a Senior Member of IEEE.  

Zunaeed Kamal 

Mr. Zunaeed Kamal is ACT Regional Director at M&T Resources. Established in 1994, M&T Resources helps leading organisations achieve technology and business success through innovative talent engagement, attraction and retention. With a purpose to “help people achieve greater success”, their relentless focus on candidate aspirations and client outcomes has led them to become one of Australia’s most awarded recruitment firms. Zunaeed manages the Canberra team, providing exceptional resourcing services to government and private sector clients. He pays close attention to the latest business and IT labour trends affecting the Canberra market, with a particular focus on the federal government’s strategies and activities. He prides himself on providing a highly consultative service to his clients. He seeks to deeply understand the outcomes clients are seeking for their projects, allowing M&T Resources to act as a true partner in the ongoing transformation of their business. 

Tilly Tan 

Ms. Tilly Tan is a Manager in the Canberra office of PWC’s EIM team. She has over 9 years of experience as a data analyst and data scientist working in multiple industry sectors. She has the combination of strong technical and leadership skills that has helped deliver complex data analytics programs, with the ability to analyse data in regard to business applications.