Slides of 10+ excellent tutorials at KDD 2015: Spark, graph mining and many more

posted Aug 17, 2015, 4:01 AM by Yanchang Zhao   [ updated Aug 17, 2015, 4:02 AM by Yanchang Zhao ]
See slides of 10+ excellent tutorials at KDD 2015 at, incl.
  • VC-Dimension and Rademacher Averages: From Statistical Learning Theory to Sampling Algorithms
  • Graph-Based User Behavior Modeling: From Prediction to Fraud Detection
  • A New Look at the System, Algorithm and Theory Foundations of Large-Scale Distributed Machine Learning
  • Dense subgraph discovery (DSD)
  • Automatic Entity Recognition and Typing from Massive Text Corpora: A Phrase and Network Mining Approach
  • Big Data Analytics: Optimization and Randomization
  • Big Data Analytics: Social Media Anomaly Detection: Challenges and Solutions
  • Diffusion in Social and Information Networks: Problems, Models and Machine Learning Methods
  • Medical Mining
  • Large Scale Distributed Data Science using Apache Spark
  • Data-Driven Product Innovation
  • Web Personalization and Recommender Systems