The 2017 Big Data Summit, Melbourne, 20-22 August 2017

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Invitation to


2017 Big Data Summit

20-22 August 2017, Collocated with IJCAI2017,

in Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre


Early-bird online registrations are now open for significant discount.

We take this privilege opportunity to invite you to participate in the 2017 Big Data Summit (BDS’2017):

  • The 2017 Summit Theme: Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (AI/DS)
  • 20th - 22th Aug 2017: Three day event: 20/8: AI/DS Discipline Courses, 21/8: AI & Data Science Forum, and 22/8: AI/DS Executive Workshop, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Co-located with IJCAI2017, the largest AI conference, first-time in Australia
  • World-class keynote and invited speakers from global academic, industry and government communities
  • The summit was established in 2012, a forum dedicated to big data, data science, analytics, AI 2.0, data economy and innovation
  • An independent, cross-disciplinary, and cross-domain platform for promoting the gap-bridging between data science research and practices
  • This annual event attracted participants largely from industry and government, BDS’2015 co-located with KDD2015 attracted 450 registrations.
  • BDS15 is proudly supported/sponsored by ACM SIGKDD Australian & NZ Chapter and other institutions and professional bodies

The theme of this year’s Big Data Summit is “Artificial Intelligence & Data Science”. 

Since the Summit’s inception in 2012, we have seen increasing interest and investment within both industry and government in data-led innovation and industralisation to deeply explore big data universe, invent data science, train data scientists and engineers, and develop the data economy.

This year’s event aims to provide data professionals, decision-makers and policy-makers with a global and regional perspective to outline the data science and AI advances, best practices, future directions, data economy and industrialization. The Summit will showcase global advancements and best practices, explore thought-provoking insights, and demonstrate global solutions and lessons learned across industry, government and academia by global AI and data science leaders.

AI/DS Discipline Courses, 20 Aug 2017

  • Seven carefully selected interdisciplinary discipline lectures on AI/DS latest advancements, and future scientific directions
  • Lecturers are all world-leading active professors in respective areas
  • Major topics: Data science, big data, mathematical modelling, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, data mining, computer vision, Internet/Web of Things, and AI ethics

Big Data Forum, 21 Aug 2017

  • Latest progress and experiences about AI/DS-driven innovation, transformation and best practices
  • Mixed global and regional perspectives, best practices, and experiences
  • All speakers are senior data professionals and leaders in major industry and government organizations
  • Addressing the latest AI/DS technologies, solutions, services, applications, and policies
  • Covering major areas and domains including banking, finance, insurance, telecommunications, government services, and corporate analytics
  • Panel on Data Science: Scientific Revolution?
  • Panel on Data/Intelligence: Future Economic Engine?

AI/DS Executive Workshop, 22 Aug 2017

  • Designed for enterprise executives who lead AI/DS strategies and portfolio
  • The big value, trends, and potential of data to economy and smart decision
  • The global perspectives, experiences, and best practices of data and intelligence economy
  • Informed decisions on enterprise-wide data decisions, solutions, practices and competency
  • Real problem-based deep analysis of enterprise transformation gaps, strategies and opportunities
  • Interactive and personalized mentoring, teamwork, case studies, arguments, and collaborations
  • World top industry and research leaders in AI and DS as mentors and collaborators
  • Collaborative work with senior peers from different domains and backgrounds

What Will be Highlighted in the 2017 Summit?

  • Global advances in scientific development in data and analytics science and AI 2.0
  • Global best practices in data economy and industrial transformation
  • Global perspective of AI & data science trends and directions by leading data/AI scientists from international communities
  • The progress and future of AI & data science in Australia and New Zealand
  • Meeting global research and business leaders in data science & AI
  • Thought and operations leadership and experience in leading data science 
  • Competency, practices, policies and processes in managing data science projects
  • High utility and impact data science case studies and showcases


Who Should Attend?

  • Data executives, such as Chief Data Scientists and Chief Data/Analytics Officer
  • Data scientists and data engineers
  • Data modellers, business analysts and business intelligence operators
  • Data & analytics professionals
  • Business decision makers
  • Policy executives
  • Government data analysts and policy-makers
  • Academics (including research students and early career researchers)

Why Should You Attend?

Started in 2012, the annual Summit attracted hundreds of participants from industry, government and academia. The Summit is the premier and unique forum for bridging the gaps between academia, industry and government, and sharing independent insights on the advancement, best practices, trends and controversies about data science, big data, artificial intelligence, and data economy.

With very prestigious speakers across academic, industry and government from the global communities, the 2017 Summit will cover a broad spectrum of data science and AI aspects and domains. The three-day program will substantially lift your

·       vision, knowledge and capabilities in advancement through the AI/DS Discipline Courses,

·       innovation and best practices by the AI/DS Forum, and

·       leadership and strategic decision-making via the AI/DS Executive Workshop.

This unique program to establish a big picture and hands-on grasp of AI & Data Science thought leadership, innovation, services, education and economy.

Co-located with IJCAI2017, BDS’2017 attracts global interest, will mark a unique and high quality opportunity for you and your organization to grasp the cutting-edge and thought-leading progress, network with peers and thought leaders, and most importantly, dig out more insights and value from your big data and lift your personal and organization competency in AI & Data Science in the increasingly competitive and challenging profession, economy and environment.

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