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R Cheat Sheets by RStudio, including

  • Shiny Cheat Sheet
  • Data Visualization Cheat Sheet
  • Package Development Cheat Sheet
  • Data Wrangling Cheat Sheet
  • R Markdown Cheat Sheet
  • R Markdown Reference Guide

Handling and Processing Strings in R

Recordings of RStudio Webinar Series on Essential Tools for Data Science with R

2014 IAPA Skills and Salary Survey Results

Report of the second IAPA annual salary survey to explore the employment opportunities, education, experience, skills and salary ranges of analytics professionals in Australia

Slides of keynote speeches, tutorials and panelist presentations at IEEE Big Data 2014

  • Keynote speech
    • Never-Ending Language Learning
    • Smart Data - How you and I will exploit Big Data for personalized digital health and many other activities
    • Addressing Human Bottlenecks in Big Data
  • Tutorials
    • Big Data Stream Mining
    • Big ML Software for Modern ML Algorithms
    • Large-scale Heterogeneous Learning in Big Data Analytics
    • Big Data Benchmarking
  • Panel: Big Data Challenges and Opportunities