1. How the project works?

The project works in a way similar to an edited book. We, as organizers, send out call for participation and solicit R users to join this project and contribute their implemented functions and algorithms. The contributed functions will build up and make a package.

2. How to join the project?

Go to http://package.rdatamining.com or http://r-forge.r-project.org/projects/rdatamining/, and then click "Request to join" at the bottom-right of the page. You need to register if you have not got an account for R-Forge.

3. How to contribute to the project?

You are expected to develop functions related to data mining and contribute them to the project. You will be responsible for the development, maintenance and documentation of your contributed functions. 

4. What can I contribute to the project?

You are expected to develop one or a set of functions related to data mining. It could be 1) your own algorithm; 2) an implementation of an algorithm in a publication; or 3) an R wrapper of a library in other languages, such as C/C++/Java. You need to acknowledge the original authors if your functions are based on someone else's work.

5. Who owns the contributed functions?

As a function author, you own the functions you have developed. You will be acknowledged as authors of corresponding functions in help documentation and manual of the package. We, as the organizers of the package, will be shown as the manager/maintainer of the whole package.

6. What is the timeframe of the project?

The project is current at a planning stage. We plan to start the project in October 2012 and complete the first release in mid 2013. After that, it will be an ongoing project, with newer versions released as time goes on.

7.  Will my functions be included in the RDataMining package?

Generally speaking, if your functions are well developed, thoroughly tested and well documented, they will be included in the package. Unfinished functions may be included in newer releases when they are completed.

When there are functions developed by different authors providing the same functionality (we will try to avoid such a situation), we reserve the right to finally select which one to include.

A function included in an old version of the package might be exclude from newer versions, if it does not work well or is not well maintained.

8. Can I withdraw my contributed functions or quit the project?

Yes. It's free to join or quit the project at any time, and authors can withdraw their contributed functions at any time.