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R Package for Data Mining

The RDataMining package: a comprehensive R package for data mining

We have started an RDataMining project on R-Forge to build an R package for data mining. The package will provide various functionalities for data mining, with contributions from many R users. 

If you have developed or will implement any data mining algorithms in R, please participate in the RDataMining project on R-Forge to make your work available to R users worldwide.


Although there are many R packages for various data mining functionalities, there are many more new algorithms designed and published every year, without any R implementations for them. It is far beyond the capability of a single team, even several teams, to build packages for oncoming new data mining algorithms. On the other hand, many R users developed their own implementations of new data mining algorithms, but unfortunately, used for their own work only, without sharing with other R users. The reason could be that they donot know or donot have time to build packages to share their code, or they might think that it is not worth building a package with only one or two functions.


To forester the development of data mining capability in R and facilitate sharing of data mining codes/functions/algorithms among R users, we started this project on R-Forge to collaboratively build an R package for data mining, with contributions from many R users, including ourselves.

How it works

The project works in a way similar to an edited book. We, as organizers, send out call for participation and solicit R users to join this project and contribute their implemented functions and algorithms. The contributed functions will build up and make a package.

Function authors will be responsible for the development, maintenance and documentation of their contributed functions. We will put all functions together as one package and also make a manual for the package.

Function authors will be acknowledged as authors of corresponding functions in help documentation and manual of the package. We, as the organizers of the package, will be shown as the manager/maintainer of the whole package.

It's free to join or quit the project at any time, and authors can withdraw their contributed functions at any time.


The RDataMining package and project:
The RDataMining project on R-Forge: or
A group for RDataMining package on LinkedIn:


Yanchang Zhao <yanchang at>

Join the RDataMining Project, and we will work together to build a comprehensive R package for data mining.


19 Sept 2012: A group for the RDataMining package has been created on LinkedIn. It will be used for the development of this package, as well as news and feedback. Please join the group at
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