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We would like to thank the following people for their support to our work.

 Date  Name Affiliation
 13/11/2018  James Miller
 United States
 28/04/2015  Farid Razzak
   United States
 18/10/2013  Allen Shain    United States
 14/05/2013  Fernando Amaral    Brazil
 22/01/2013  Peter Toyinbo    United States
 03/01/2013  Anthony Ladson    Australia
 28/11/2012  Marcos Souza    United States
 21/10/2012  T M Rajkumar    United States
 02/06/2012  Tim Garnsey    Australia
 22/05/2012  Anonymous    United States
 22/06/2011  Adrian Otoiu    Romania