Guidelines for Full Chapters

Format & Length
A chapter is expected to be of 20-30 pages, in 12 pt., Times New Roman on 8 ½ x 11 pages. 

As required by the publisher, Word format (.doc or .docx) is suggested to prepare for chapters. However, Latex files are also acceptable.

A concise summary/abstract (suggested length 100-150 words) is required for each chapter.

Provide 5-10 keywords for your chapter, immediately below the abstract.

Please include the data used if possible. When submitting full chapters, please include your data as an attachment (separately as a zip file).

Use the apalike style if Latex is used.

Citation of an R package, such as arules, can be obtained by running citation("arules") in R.

Suggested reference format:
1.    Zhou, S., and Admon, A. (1995). Enzymatic digestion of proteins in zinc chloride and Ponceau S-stained gels. In “Techniques in Protein Chemistry” (J. W. Crabb, Ed.), Vol. VI, pp. 161–168.  Academic Press, San Diego.
2.    Birren, B., and Lai, E. (1993).  “Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis:  A Practical Guide.”  Academic Press, San Diego.
3.    Mandel, J. L. (1989).  Dystrophin — The gene and its product.  Nature 339, 584–586.
4.    Becker, J. M., Caldwell, G. A., and Zachgo, E. A. (1996). “Biotechnology:  A Laboratory Course,” 2nd ed. Academic Press, San Diego.

Every full chapter (incl. abstract and keywords) is to be submitted as a .PDF file at Please select "Submit a new version" to submit a full chapter, i.e., use the full chapter to replace the chapter proposal.

Each chapter will be reviewed by 2-3 reviewers in August, based on which a final decision of acceptance/rejection will be made in September.

- Do I put my name into it now or not until after the referees have read and approved it?
Answer: Please put your name in the chapter now.