Sponsorship and Advertisement

Thank you for your interest in sponsoring or advertising with RDataMining.com.

The RDataMining.com website has 30,000+ visitors per month, the RDataMining group on LinkedIn has 25,000+ members, and the RDataMinin Twitter account has 3,000+ followers. By sponsoring RDataMining, your company or product information can reach a large population of R users and data miners.

We provide sponsorship opportunities by
- promoting your services and/or products via RDataMining on LinkedIn and Twitter; and
- displaying your company logo or product banner on our homepage, with a link to your company or product website. See examples below.

Advertising on LinkedIn
Advertising to the RDataMining LinkedIn group (25,000+ members) with an announcement (as a email to every member) and a "featured" post (which sticks to the top of the group homepage for a week), which suits for promoting new events and campaigns.
  • Benefits: the post will stick to the top of the group homepage, so that it will be visible on the first sight to every visitor to the group site. 
  • Cost:
 Option # of Announcements Duration Cost (USD)
 1 1 1 week 200
 2 2 2 weeks 350
 3 3 3 weeks 500
 4 4 4 weeks 600

Please contact us if you are interested.

Yanchang Zhao,
Jun 13, 2016, 6:08 AM